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The World of Tryphera
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14th-Mar-2006 04:41 pm - IDEAS!
magic schools are so cliche in fantasy. but, would an education system of some sort be cool?

i will think about this and get back to this entry later

i also want to have a card system like the tarot in my world. pondering this idea heavily...
29th-Jan-2006 12:54 pm - tarot spreads for writers
i got these from Aeclectic Tarot and thought i'd post them here for the next time i'm having issues with writing and stuff.

tarotspreads are funCollapse )
3rd-Jan-2006 10:14 am(no subject)
sorry to my two friends who watch tryphera. i had to delete everything in order to convert it from a regular journal to a community. it's just easier this way for me. i know i don't update this thing too often but when i do it's usually a pain in the arse to log in and out of both journals all the time. so, here is the new community. i'm the only one with posting access but i think comments are still enabled for everyone.

sorry for the friend's page flood. :)
3rd-Jan-2006 10:11 am - Dares to Include
Nanowrimo dares

as i'm cruising through the fantasy forum at nanowrimo and i happened upon he fantasy dares thread. the literary dares thread has helped me with some good character points and plot stepping stones. maybe theis thread can too, with my fantasy novel. :)

so... on with the dares. i'm so excited.

~Include a character who can't use magic, can't use a weapon with any great proficiency, and isn't a bard, and make him or her play an important, active role in the story without discovering or developing either of those skills

~Have a magical symbol or ancient rune, just casually on a book or box or scroll, that looks like this:
- Bonus points if a character comments on its likeness to a little face on its side sticking it's tongue out, and other characters look at them oddly.

~Have the equivalent of PETA trying to liberate all familiars and protect magical creatures

a link to the nano fantasy dare thread for later usage.
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